Insurance and Medicare clients:

When your Insurance or Medicare Explanation of Benefits, indicates you have a Patient Responsibility amount due to our office, contact our office to remit payment tel. 561-243-8783.

Insurances vary and don’t guarantee payment to us. And so, we ask you to partner with us, on your Insurance use, by helping keep current on balances due to our office.


Tips for Insurance use:

  • Know your Insurance coverage, and Patient Responsibility (copay and annual deductible, if applies) for Primary Care Physician Internal Medicine office visit.


  • Remit payment to us, for medical services, when due.  The amounts are cost friendly, only approximately $5 to $150 (based on insurance and Medicare fee schedules), per visit.



  • Provide updated Contact and Insurance information to our office. Outdated, inactive insurance may result in fees.


This allows us to continue providing medical care to you and other neighbors in our community, who wish to use insurance.  Thank you kindly.


Mail check to:

Delia Weiss MD P.O. Box 766  Boynton Beach, FL  33425


Payment and balance inquiries: