Insurance and Medicare Clients:

We help you use insurance and Medicare for your medical care, but insurance does not guarantee payment.  So that we can continue to try to use insurance, for reimbursement for professional services we provide, and submit claims on your behalf, we ask that you partner with us, by:

  • Knowing your insurance coverage, and Patient Responsibility (copay and annual deductible, if applies) for Primary Care Physician Internal Medicine office visit.
  • Remitting Payment to us, for medical services, when due.  The Patient Responsibility amount for each medical visit, is shown on the explanation of benefits EOB’s, provided to you by insurance.  The amounts typically range only $5 to $150, based on insurance and Medicare fee schedules.  Please contact us to remit payment, when your insurance or Medicare EOB’s show amounts due to our office.  This allows us to continue providing care to you and other neighbors in our community.  Thank you kindly.

We currently use Square card processor.


Mail check to:

Delia Weiss MD   500 Gulfstream Blvd., Suite 202, Delray Beach, FL  33483


Payment and balance inquiries:

Text:  (561) 336-4328   secure text       Call:  (561) 243-8783       Email: