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Primary Care Physician Internal Medicine  We are an established medical practice with 25 years of primary care clinical experience, managing patient care, across the spectrum of adult health, 18 years and older, for most ambulatory non-surgical health issues.  We are a VIP boutique style, personal compassion oriented medical practice; and not a large corporate business. Our office environment is friendly, supportive, calm and relaxed. We get to know you personally, to advocate for your best health.  You can confidentially bring your health concerns and questions to Delia Weiss MD, to consult in a neutral, non-judgmental manner, and use her specialized medical training, education, clinical experience, and Integrative Functional Medicine approach, to help you improve your health. Dr. Weiss and staff listen to you and focus on your concerns.  We return your calls and messages.  Our clients regularly thank us for helping them elevate their health and quality of life.  Office and Telemedicine visits. We accept Insurance, Medicare, Direct pay $50-155, based on complexity.


Holistic Wellness Services:  Welcome to our Holistic wellness practice

We are experienced in natural healing and guiding clients, who are seeking more in depth holistic consultation, for optimal health.  Holistic health office and Telemedicine topics: Weight management; Nutrition; Anti aging; Dementia Prevention; Stress reduction; Detox; Gut health, Medical Cannabis consult.  Direct pay accepted, $50-155, based on complexity.  Office and Telemedicine.


Medical Cannabis Services:

We provide Cannabis Medicine Consultations to determine whether Medical Cannabis can be helpful and medically appropriate for your health condition. We have several years of experience advising clients on safe use and efficacy, and providing Medical Marijuana card certification.  Our clients report to us that they have been benefitting from safe, careful micro-dosing Medical Cannabis guidance, to help solve health issues, including: relaxing sleep, stress reduction, gut problems, migraine headache, pain, glaucoma, Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis, Crohns disease, improved feeling of well being.  Direct pay $75-155, office and telemedicine.


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